Our Ethic

We are a social enterprise which promotes the production, distribution and use of moringa oleifera and its derivatives, according to the social economy and the fair-trade criteria. We support the cultural growth in the training and employment process, particularly for young people and women.

We join the north and south of the earth in a virtuous circle. We comply with the European quality standards.


Moringa oleifera is a strong tree which grows in a resilient country. It adapts to the climate and to the difficult lands conditions, by contributing and giving fertility. Madagascar is a pristine territory, rich of biological diversities where chemistry is absent. Nevertheless it is the sixth country on earth with the worse child malnutrition rate. One out of every two children suffers from chronic malnutrition. Nowadays, nine out of ten Madagascan people live in poor conditions. It is for this reason that we launched our project. Starting from the packaging, all our products are made on-site!

People movement, people in motion

We are a international team of young people. We chose to start a project based on our
values. Moringa Wave arises from a group of researchers and co-workers that operated in
different southern countries of the world. They worked in Madagascar for several years and
they matured a deep knowledge and awareness for the social, economic and environmental
problems of this territory.

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Our Partners

To reach our goals, it was and it is still fundamental the collaboration with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), associations, cooperatives and governmental bodies that are involved in social projects or development initiatives.

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If you also think that our commitment could help to improve the common welfare of
Madagascar all over the world, ride the wave with us. Choose our product and spread the
word on your social network.

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